1 Tomato, 2 Tomato, 3 Tomato… 42???

For the past 4 years Daniel and I have had a garden and it NEVER fails for me to over buy, over plant and over crowd. I start out with 4 tomato plants and end up with 12. Always against Daniel’s better judgement, I buy a wide variety. Variety isn’t bad. In fact I encourage it but when working with limited space you can’t buy one of everything. Especially if you’re a family of two. You simply dont need it. Yes, this is me owning up to doing this. For four years now. Daniel was right. I was wrong. But this year… this year is going to be different!! 2015-03-12 15.06.13-1 I’ve started a small lettuce bed within our front garden. We also have 6 raised beds in the back yard that will migrate to the front yard as soon as we find time. Being that I’m staying at home now Daniel says my job is to plan and take care of the garden and of course can our veggies. Are you serious?! My dream job!

Okay, so from left to right I’ve planted two rows of Organic Butterhead Lettuce, one row of Organic Redina Lettuce, one row of Organic Italian Lacinato Kale, one row of Organic Red Winter Kale, and two rows of Organic Bloomsdale Spinach. I also planted onions horizontally on the backside of these rows. Onions when planted close to leafy greens ward off insects. The same goes for Marigolds. They’re so pretty but also work for you.

Organic Kale
Organic Kale
Organic Redina Lettuce
Organic Redina Lettuce
Organic Butterhead Lettuce
Organic Butterhead Lettuce

While I was planting the other day I noticed these fellas growing beneath pine needles. What a surprise considering we planted these late last fall!

Anyways, it’s supposed to get up to 75 degrees today in the Yadkin Valley. It’s going to be beautiful today and I’m planting Eggplant, Snow Peas, and Fava Beans! 

As you’re planting your garden this year just keep in mind how many people you’re needing to feed, the space you’re working with, and what plants you consider staples for your family. Taking these into consideration should help with preventing overcrowding. Planting according to the recommended guidelines on the back of your seed packet will help allow your plants to grow to the best of their ability. They need a certain amount of space in each direction.. even depth. So be sure to read your seed packet to its entirety before planting.

2015-03-16 14.12.57Here’s some fun from yesterday!

2015-03-16 09.33.00 20150315_182217 2015-03-16 09.34.38



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