Less is more

It’s about that time.

I planted a few rows of various leafy greens several weeks ago and they’re finally a few inches tall just begging to be thinned out. Thinning is so hard for me! I see these beautiful plants pushing up behind the soil showing their colors and now I have to pull some up.

gosh Tina.


Thinning your rows is very important. By practicing this throughout your garden you’re allowing the appropriate amount of room for growth. Plants don’t have to compete for water, space, or nutrients. When I’m in an overly crowded room I feel like I can’t breathe. The same concept goes for plants… if they’re over crowded they can’t get good circulation around their roots.


We spend too much time and money in our plants and garden for them to be competing for space, nutrients and only being half as good as what they could be.


When your plants are a few inches tall refer back to your seed packet – so don’t throw any packets away yet! Your packet will elaborate on the plants thinning requirements. I simply pinch the plant at the root and lift up. Pulling the entire plant up exposing the roots. You don’t want to wait too long to thin out because you could take a risk of damaging other plants. Over time with lack of space the plants roots may become bound together with its neighboring plants and once you pull one up you could damage the root system of another. We don’t want that. We need them thriving!

If you haven’t started your garden yet it’s okay. You have time. When you do, keep your packets they have viable information on them! Your packet will guide you from planting your seeds to harvesting your crop and when it can’t… I will!

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