DIY laundry detergent for a YEAR

Being a parent is awesome.


You think you appreciate your parents before but once you have a child you really really appreciate them and may even make a phone call like, “Mom, I’m so sorry for what I ever put you through!” like I did.

But as I’ve realized the countless restless nights and many wardrobe changes are forgotten when you have one good day of nap time and you can get some chores done. Thankfully, little O is sleeping throughout the night now. She has been since she was about 8 weeks old. I am so lucky to have her.

Where there’s a family there’s laundry… a lot of laundry. I ditched the colorful plastic jugs over a year ago cutting my bill down to around $20 a YEAR for detergent. I could go on about how good it works but all I need to say is my husband is a diesel mechanic and this detergent works great on his clothes. I don’t wash O’s diapers with it yet if you’re wondering but it can be used with he appliances.


First you’ll need a container with a good sealing lid to put it in. My mom donated a retired kitty litter bin and it works just fine.


1 container of Oxiclean (3 lb)

1 box of baking soda (64 oz)

1 box Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (55 oz)

1 box of Borax (76 oz)

2 bars of Zote (shredded with a cheese grater)

A sandwich bag with holes in it filled with noodles (this absorbs moisture)

Optional: 1 container of Purex Crystals – I added these in my first batch but didn’t on my second.  It’s merely preference.

Mix everything together and there ya go! Use 1 tablespoon per normal size load. I do recommend making this outside because it’s a dusty mess when you pour it in.

It works great for our clothes and especially our wallet and I hope it does for you!

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