A birthday, Blowing Rock and a brooder box.

We went camping this weekend for my husband’s 30th birthday.

DSC_0751We stayed at Green Mountain RV Park in Lenoir and boy was it beautiful. We were tucked away amongst the beautiful Carolina evergreens and wrapped up in a blanket of fog almost all weekend. It was cold, wet and dreary. I wonder if that’s how Washington state is? Gosh, I’d love to visit that part of our country. 


Anyways, we went to Blowing Rock on Saturday and an empty parking lot welcomed us. Understandably so due to the fog. We scored discounted rates because there was next to zero visibility but I wouldn’t have traded our intimate visit for the sunniest most toured day. We were able to take as many silly pictures as we wanted and take as much time to soak in what our God has blessed us with. Little O slept through the entire trip! We will be going back soon. With a $7/adult entry fee, a light (very light) walk and unforgettable view will not break the bank. If you plan on visiting the mountains of North Carolina I highly recommended making a stop at Blowing Rock.

2015-04-27 11.00.52

2015-04-27 11.02.15

We are getting chick’s tonight!! I’m sooo excited!

We haven’t raised chick’s before so taking this on is a little intimidating. But hopefully all of our reading will guide us through a successful batch. We’ve had a cool spell here and honestly don’t know yet how young these little boogers are so we went ahead and got a heat lamp just to be safe. We also bought a feeder, chick feed, and a thermometer. All of that along with a $1 donation to the local 4-H Club ran us around $35 at Tractor Supply.

We need a box… duh! I asked an employee if they had any cardboard boxes in the back that they were going to throw away that I could have instead. He gladly unboxed a push mower just so I could have it. Brooder box… $0… check!

They need good carbon bedding. Something small enough that will allow them to scratch in but also absorbent. Daniel’s dad does wood work and just so happens to have a shop full of saw dust from untreated wood. Perfect! We will offer to get rid of that saw dust and have our chick’s bedding for $0.

They need grit in their gizzard to help them grind their food. After reading Joel Salatin’s Pastured Poultry Profit$” I learned creek sand is ideal for grit. It’s contains a wider range of natural minerals and is dressed with vegetable matter and bugs that makes it more appealing to the chick’s versus something off of a shelf. Grit… $0.

We are so fortunate to have good neighbors. Chick’s normally go anywhere from $5-$10 depending on breed. And our neighbor just hatched several Rhode Island Red chick’s. We are also getting these for free. Chickens are everywhere and I’m confident that in most situations a person would be happy to get rid of a few. It never hurts to ask! And if nothing else it may cost you a few bucks.

So $35 to get us started and a lot of that we won’t have to buy again. I’m so excited you’d think it was MY birthday! I can’t wait to share our new feathered friends with you!

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