DIY non-toxic cleaner

This is so simple it’s ridiculous. I love Murphy’s floor cleaner but after using this I will not purchase another bottle. Not because I don’t love their product, this is far cheaper and I really think the end result is just as good, if not better. Not to mention the ingredients are in almost every home – I’m sure of it.

I’ve tried the vinegar solution… boo (thumbs down). It didn’t work so well as a cleaner and not to mention my house smelt like I had been canning all day. I don’t mind that if I have something to show for it.

I mixed half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide with 1 bottle (empty hydrogen peroxide bottle) of water with around 5 drops of your favorite essential oil. Our’s is eucalyptus.

My mom used to sell Norwex and their products are phenomenal! During nap time I got on my hands and knees with my cleaner concoction and my favorite Norwex rag and scrubbed the heck out of my floors. Maybe it was my amazing Cinderella skills… maybe the Norwex rag… but I’d like to believe it was the mixture.

Hydrogen peroxide is practical to use. It’s non-toxic, affordable, and anti-fungal – no brainer.

Just try it and let me know how it works for ya!


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