DIY deodorant

I have found that a lot of deodorants are ineffective and also come with a huge list of ingredients that I can’t pronounce. We often say, if we can’t pronounce the ingredient then we shouldn’t ingest it. I think that should apply to what we put on our body as well.

It will take a long time to rid my house of products that have a long list of ingredients but you have to start somewhere! Call me crazy but I’d like to make most of the products we put on our body.

My husband recently asked me to make him some deodorant. I put it off and put it off. He called me from work one day and said he called a spa and asked them about their deodorant. She told him, “I don’t have any ready right now but I can have some made for you by Friday.” So he told me that he wanted to go get some. I felt really bad like I had failed him or something, so I followed up with, “I told you I’d make some!.”

So I made deodorant.


I searched and searched for a recipe. There are tons of recipes online but I decided to confide in The Prairie Homestead. She’s very knowledgeable so I knew it’d work and there were only 5 ingredients!

• 1/3 cup coconut oil

• 1/4 cup baking soda

• 1/4 cup arrowroot powder

• 4 tablespoons cornstarch

• 5-10 drops of essential oils (I used lemon and eucalyptus)


• Mix dry ingredients together.

• Add coconut oil and use a fork to combine it with the dry ingredients.

• Add your essential oil if desired.

• Congratulations, you just made yourself some all natural deodorant!

I put mine in a larger jelly jar with a wide mouth lid. I haven’t tried putting it in an empty deodorant container but I’ve read it can be messy. If you give that method a try, I’d love to know how it works!

Coconut oil liquefies at 76 degrees. So keep this in mind. Mine stays paste-like and we just apply it with our fingers. But if it’s super warm in your home the consistency may vary. So far we love this deodorant! Yesterday we went and played disc golf with some friends and squeezed in a crossfit workout and still smelt like lemon and eucalyptus. I say this recipe is a winner!

I guarantee you we won’t purchase another stick of deodorant from the store! Today is my husband’s first work day using our homemade deodorant. So today he is putting it to the real test. I can’t wait to hear how it holds up!

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Make the perfect sweet potato row

Sweet potatoes are probably my husband’s favorite root crop. We first introduced them to our homestead last year amongst our other veggies in our garden by our house. We didn’t do much other than plant the plants in a tilled up garden like any of the other plants. At the end of the year after the green foliage died we harvested small yields of our first sweet potatoes. Although small, we were still happy because we were somewhat successful.

Root crops require special attention. Maybe not to the plants themselves but the soil. We did a lot of research before planting this year and we found a method that seems to be the best! And makes the most sense.

2015-06-01 12.42.25

Once our shipment of over 100 plants (yikes!) came in we took a rake and made 25′ lines. We made these rows by going down both sides of the line and pulling the soil up about 8-12″. Once we had a huge 25′ long mound of fresh loose soil we took the back of the rake and knocked the peak off making a smooth platform for us to plant the potatoes. Now keep in mind these rows are made on top of 5″ of tilled soil. Allowing optimum growth for the sweet potatoes. Root crops need loose soil to grow. If you confine them with compacted 5″ deep soil they are not going to grow in a uniform shape or have high yields. Trust me we know! Using our new method of course took a lot longer but only makes sense and I can’t imagine doing it any other way. Adding 8-12″ of soil for these potatoes surely will help them grow to the best of their ability, make weeding easier, and harvesting a breeze.

2015-06-01 12.43.39

We also planted our seed potatoes, onions, and carrots like this. I’m very anxious to see how everything turns out!