To me homesteading is more than having your own chickens and preserving your gardens treasures for a cold wintry day. For me, it’s much more. When you are able to save money with a talent or even make money with a craft I consider it pulling just another one of you files out of your homesteading drawer.


A little about me. I’ve been crocheting for about 14 years. And in that time I’ve been trying to master (and still havent) this lost art. I say “lost” because it really is. You don’t see people crocheting/knitting much anymore. And it’s a shame. For years I’ve been making items for friends, birthday presents, Christmas presents and even making some money. Making things for gifts are great. You save money but spill your heart into one of a kind products for your loved ones. I love it. Especially once they open it. That smile. All of those long nights, countless cups of coffee, and the hours you’ve invested in it, that smile, totally makes it worth it. So when it’s time to make a Christmas list I automatically think of what can I make for them??


I remember posting some of my work on my personal Facebook page and having people tell me I should start a business and that I could sell a lot of my work. Reluctantly, I created Tooterloo. My husband (boyfriend at the time) always called me Tooterloo and still does. I have no idea why. He just did and it kinda stuck and I thought that’d it would be the perfect name for my business.


Okay so Tooterloo was established in 2012 and since then I’ve made countless slouchy beanies, infinity scarves, cowls, booties, sweaters etc … I mean I’ve made a lot of stuff for people. After drowning myself in custom orders for years I decided something had to change. I’ve tried a few different platforms and this one seems to work the best for me. Bigcartel. It’s simple, easy to work, affordable and comes without the extra fees. – if you like quality knits then checkout my site!

Starting a business out of something I love and am good at has allowed me to make money for our family.  I don’t care if it’s just enough to buy groceries or to pay mine and my daughters insurance. I was able to put my skill to work to alleviate what would normally come out of our account. Which allows us to save more. Since we decided that I was going to stay at home with our daughter who is now almost 9 months old.. I’ve struggled with not feeling like I am contributing financially. Tooterloo helps with that.


I said all of that to say this. If you have a talent.. maybe its fiber work or even carpentry.. put it to work. People are supporting the locals and the makers more than ever right now. And if you have something that you’re good at go for it. Make the most out of your homestead. Exalt all avenues where money can be made. And if you’re simply a supporter. I challenge you to support the locals this year. Purchase your gifts from the makers because when you do you’re helping them make a little money for their family.

I hope this post is just a little encouragement to go for it for you that are on the fence about turning your craft into a way you can make money. It’s possible! I did!


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