She was tucked away at a school bus garage in Newland, NC. I can’t believe we found this beaut. We knew exactly what we wanted to do to her. We knew what we wanted to do before we found her — all white!


We carefully brought her home. As soon as we could we started giving her some tlc. Of course there were minor fixes that we needed to do. Replace the running lights, seal the roof, and caulk. Not to mention clean, clean and clean. Then we had our blank white canvas ready for paint.



I had the 40-year-old couch and corner cabinet out before Daniel came home the next day. I was pretty proud of myself! By the second day I robbed her of all of her hardware. It wasn’t too long and we had all of the doors off and started priming. I think we ended up putting 3 coats of primer on the wood. I never thought we would see the light at the end of the primer tunnel. Omg. I was so over it. We dressed the walls/ceiling in Cashmere (bought at Sherwin Williams) and the wood in Proclassic (also Sherwin Williams). The Cashmere gave us the softness that we wanted with little sheen and the Proclassic being the durable paint that it is was ideal for our cabinet doors and drawers. #winning



We went to Lowes to shop for flooring. We wanted a vinyl plank flooring that would be water-resistant and lightweight. Okay cool. It could be ours for around $600. No thanks.. this is our camper. We found what we wanted and started searching online once we got home. We came across an add on ol’ Craigslist for the same type (different color) for a lot less. We landed 14 boxes of this flooring for $220 which ended up being enough for our camper flooring and us to use in a bathroom in our house.



Installing the flooring was a breeze. The weird angles and the last boards gave us a run for our money but we eventually wrangled them into their comfy permanent home. It looked beautiful.  And sitting against that white… ugh it was perfect.

Painting the cabinet doors were Daniel’s job. He manned the sprayer and had them primed and painted in a jiffy. Of course it took several days with all the coats we did but using a sprayer is so much faster than brush painting. (duh)


We kept the original fixtures. I think they’re lovely. If we had decided to get new ones we would have spent a fortune. Nope these were just fine with me.

I made new curtains for the front quarters. Meh, they’re okay. I’m not the best seamstress but am also my toughest critic. But you know what? They work.


Goodwill has my heart and I go there first before I ever buy something new. Call me weird. But I landed two sheet sets that were almost the same color and two knit afghans that were perfect for the twin beds. The bedding for the twin beds ran me $18 to be exact. Okay, so they’re not twins exactly. They’re like a cot size. We searched and searched for mattresses online and we were looking at about $170 per mattress. We decided to call around at some local foam factories here and see if they could help us. We were able to get our foam mattresses custom cut to fit the space perfectly. With a perfect price tag, $33 each.


We wanted a futon for our bed and just so happen my mom needed one gone. Done! Nothing better than free!

Last but not least we painted the inside of our door in chalkboard paint. We thought this would be perfect for our little girl as she grows and gets older. Until then… we will enjoy the heck out of it!!


After moving everything from our old camper into our new camper Lucy was feeling more like home.



After Daniel removed the wheels, inspected them and the brakes, and greased the wheel bearings we were ready to go camping!!





We have camped in it 3 times so far (getting ready to leave again) and we love it. More than we could have ever loved our 2010 camper. By taking on this project we were able to bond while working on something for our family. We worked our tails off and it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies (I love that song). It was hard. But we did it!!

Although we have accomplished a lot… we still have a ton of work to do. We are currently working on adding a shelf behind the front bed. Then we will be making counters for the kitchen and bathroom. Our work is far from done. And it may just be me but I like it like that.


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