Oh, kale yea

Kale. Your gardens gold. It’s a good day when we are harvesting kale. Possibly the most versatile leafy green ever (debatable I’m sure). From smoothies to soups, kale is the most flavorful and hearty green to accompany any dish in my book. I started this post to write about my husbands favorite garden snack, kale chips, but as I’m thinking there are so many recipes for kale that shouldn’t go unnoticed. I make this killer wilted kale salad with cranberries, nuts, and feta with a balsamic dressing. OMG. Or we could even talk about my kale and lentil soup. Ah. What about kale stuffed chicken with gobs of cheese? It’s 7:48 am and I could put a hurtin’ on a savory dish right about now.


The green garden jewel stands rich in vitamins and antioxidants. And it just gets sweeter as you’re cutting it from your own garden. You know how it’s fed, handled, and NOT treated with things that you cannot pronounce.

This year we focused on adding raised beds into our garden along with our regular garden. This allowed a more manageable growing environment for me and our plants compared to our field garden. We used a combo of composted manure, field soil, organic matter (leaves and such), and sand from our creek bottoms to fill the beds. Organic matter and sand allows the soil to stay loose making a safe haven for root crops and the manure showers all with the perfect amount of lovin.


Baked Kale Chips


Fresh garden kale leaves – washed and dried

Olive oil

Sea salt


Parmesean  cheese


Once you have washed and dried your kale leaves, spread them onto a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and give them a toss. Coating them thoroughly. Then put them in your oven that’s set for 350°F for 10-15 mins or until the edges are darkened – but not burnt! After they’re resting from their oven loven sprinkle with sea salt and parm if you like – cayenne even and snack away!

Even the manliest of men will enjoy this veggie snack without feeling like their jumping on the kale bandwagon.

Hopefully, you have grown your own kale and can make this healthy snack with basically what you have already at home without having to retreat to the store. Try it out and try it different. Let me know what you come up with so I can give it a try!



Garden fresh kale chips, garden grilled potatoes, garden pickled beets, farm eggs, and balsamic chicken topped with kale, quinoa, bacon, and monterrey jack cheese. #winning


With so much love – Ash


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