DIY Hanging Flower Pot


So I’ve taken the plunge. It’s official. I’ve succumbed to the blogging world of affiliate programs. When I decided to start a blog I looked at it as a way to communicate with adults, have something that I can control (any regime I had premotherhood is long gone out the window!), and I had hopes of making some money in a few years.

When we decided I was going to stay at home with our sweet O I was so excited; We both were. I really didn’t think that I would miss waking up at 5:45 am and starting my day, having a “job” that drew a paycheck, or even driving to work. But I do. I don’t regret our decision. It was the best thing we’ve ever done. Although, I do wish I could contribute more financially for our family.

I was explaining how affiliate programs work to my husband and it made me think of how we all want to “shop small” or “shop local”. The fact is, we are going to buy products. Right? So why not buy through someone who you would want to support? So they could make a little money. To draw a paycheck each month. That could put some groceries on the table or even pay a bill. So here soon I will be implementing links onto my page.

There will be links directing you to Amazon where you can purchase what you may need for a project, recipe, or a book even to help you get started with your new project. Although, most of you already knew everything I just said but for those who didn’t there you go! 🙂




This is a perfect way to up cycle and recycle those old tires that you have lying around. They’re adorable, versatile I mean what more could you ask for?? For them to make you money? Heck, you could probably sell them even.

I used tires to plant zucchini in last year and they did great. But through the off-season they grew to become annoying to mow and weed eat around. So we will give them a makeover and get them off the ground!

I have been hoarding this beautiful teal paint by Valspar that I’ve been dying to use but haven’t had the perfect project to do so. Until now.

Blue Hawk offers these J style hooks for under $2 a piece. This certain kind calls for 2 screws each and thanks to my husband I had those on hand.


We had compost so I didn’t need to purchase potting soil. So all that was left were the flowers. I wanted something to drape down and out of the tire and to my luck petunias were on sale for $1 at Lowes. Perfect!


So to complete this project I needed an hour and $10. That’s my kind of project!

You can transform your new baskets into a haven for your flowers and their pollinators, a herb garden, a new home for your cukes (huge space saver btw), and even a mesculin lettuce bed. The list could go on and on. I’m getting excited thinking of everything they could be used for.


》》First, you will want to paint your tires and allow time to dry. If you’re dealing with 90 degree heat like we are in NC. It shouldn’t take long.

》》Drill a few holes through the bottom of your tires before you plant to ensure your plants a way to drain. Tires hold a lot of water. (You may need a drill bit for this part. If you simply use a screw, once you back it out of the tire the hole will close up. Using a drill bit will allow you to take more area out to make a good hole.)

》》Figure out where you’d like to hang them and attach your hook(s). Measure the same distance from the top of the fence to the top of your hook for both hooks to ensure they’re even. (Our baskets look uneven because our fence runs with the curvature of the earth but they’re the same distance from the top and that’s what you want.)

》》Get your plants comfy in their new home. Loosen the root system so they can grow more freely. Then fill the space around them with dirt or potting soil.

》》Step back and admire your new beauties! (If you don’t want to hang them, no problem lay them on the ground for a beautiful flower or vegetable bed.)






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