The Hardisons


Hi, I’m Ashley and that’s my husband Daniel. We live on 11-ish acres and have the desire to live more simply. We got married in May of 2013 and just had our first child in January of 2015. She’s the light of our life. Constantly keeping me on my toes and stealing everyone’s heart each day. Motherhood is the best job in the world. Daniel and myself decided it would be for the better for our family for me to stay at home with our daughter. I would be taking care of Oaklee, tending to the daily house chores, and maintaining our organic garden. At first I had a hard time coping with not providing financially and still do at times but when you take into consideration daycare costing $174/week you dry up pretty quick. That decision was easy when we thought of our little girl but when thinking of everything else it was a hard step to take. After cutting out a lot of unnecessary bills we took the leap! So please follow me on my journey as a new mom and homesteader on The Hardison Homestead!


4 thoughts on “The Hardisons

    1. Ahhh thanks! I’ve been MIA for the past two months due to the vintage camper remodel but hopefully here soon I can sit down and write again! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog but you can always start your garden off small and in pots even 🙂 heck my zucchini plants this year were in motorcycle tires revamped into raised beds.

  1. You can do it. Ashley you are the only young person I know that can do what you do. When Oaklee gets older you show her what you know so your knowledge will go with her and her family.

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